International Convention Center, Cancun Q.R.

Location: Blvd. Kukulcan, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, MEXICO

The Cancún International Convention Center (ICC Cancún) was constructed at the heart of the Cancún’s hotel zone. This area is just 25 minutes from the international airport of Cancún. The first and only convention center in the city.

Cancun ICC has 14,200 sqm (152.847 ft2) event space; surrounded by 4,000 hotel rooms, restaurants, beautiful white sand beaches, delicious cuisine and service of the highest quality, allowing to be dwelling to any type of event such as conference or convention. Without doubt the best choice for any event!


Cancun International Airport to Cancun ICC.

By taxi, bus, shuttle: 25 minutes from the National and International terminals at Cancún’s International Airport.

Reservation of taxi, shuttle and buses are recommended to book before your arrival.

Map 1:

Cancun Hotels Zone to Cancun ICC.

From the Hotels within 1-mile distance on foot:15 minutes

Map 2:

Cancun bus tips

New rate: Buses in the hotel zone cost 10.5 pesos, within downtown the rates are 7 pesos. The city buses run 24 hours a day, there are fewer buses late at night.

If you are going towards downtown Cancun, bus station, Walmart, etc, you will need to go to a bus stop on the Caribbean side of the street, going the opposite way, stand on the other side of the street. There are bus stops everywhere, walk to the nearest one. There is usually a stop in front of every hotel.

Which bus?…

R-1, R-2, R-15 & R-27 If you are traveling within the hotel zone, it doesn’t matter which bus you get on. If you are going all the way to Wet n’Wild, look for Wet n’ Wild listed on the front window because not all buses go there.

R-2, R-15 If you are traveling downtown to Walmart or Market 28, look for Walmart, or Kabah written on the front window of the bus.

R-1 If you’re going to the downtown bus station, Kiu-Huic market, Market 23, or La Habichuela restaurant look for the R-1 bus, or Tulum or Juarez written in the front window.

R-27 Goes to Plaza Las Americas mall.

Paying the driver:

It’s best to pay as close to the 8.50 as possible and do not try to pay with large bills. American coins are not accepted. It is best to pay as close to the 8.50 as possible. If you give him 9 pesos, you most likely will not receive change, it is only about 4 cents, so forget it.

The driver will sometimes hand you a ticket, we have heard this is for insurance purposes, proof of ridership if there is an accident but we really do not know for sure.

Access to Cancún Q.R. Mexico.

Air connectivity: Cancun International Airport.

Cancun is considered the Mexican tourism capital with the major international connectivity airport with more than 100 direct flights, 31 from the major European Cities, 57 from North America, 15 from South America and 3 from Asia. Additional details are in the Cancun airport and the airport airlines directory WEB pages.

Cancun Airport Airlines directory

Information regardless international flights to Cancún and international airlines with direct services from the major airports in Europe, Canada, USA, South America and Asia. The information can be found in the Airport Airline directory here.