At present, further restrictions for performing of massive people events has been imposed today by the Mexican Health Ministry Authorities, one big Convention to be held in this month was postponed to next September. At the moment, the 7th ISHA 2020 has not been imposed any cancellation or rescheduling by the Mexican Authorities, on regardless COVID-19 infection. We are in touch with the personnel at the International Convention Center venue of the 7th ISHA 2020; they are assisting the 7th ISHA local committee in ensuring the safety of the place. Please feel free to contact us regarding this issue at any time. We are devoted to working on having a successful and satisfactory 7th ISHA conference.


Next ISHA conference section is introduced in the ISHA web page, the upcoming Conference of ISHA will be held in a European Country. The president of ISHA, Professor Tadafumi Adschiri; is pleased to invite European Institutions for submitting a proposal for organizing the next 8th ISHA 2022 conference. Additional information regarding the selection of the following ISHA Conference is addressed in the “ISHA next conference” section of the 7th ISHA 2020 web page.


7th ISHA 2020 web page update, the organizing committee is pleased to inform you that the ISHA 2020 award section is now open on the web page. We encourage the potential participants in the next Conference to submit individual nominations for the ISHA 2020 Roy-Somiya and Best Ph. D. Thesis Award. The general and eligibility requirements for applying each award are published on the home page.


Call for Abstracts, 1st Remainder, ISHA 2020 Conference Cancun, Mexico.

To scientist community working in high-pressure reactions in subcritical and supercritical water to participate in the 7th ISHA 2020 Conference, Sep 1st – 5th , 2020, at the Mayan Riviera, Cancun; Mexico. The organizing committee reminds you that the deadline for abstract submission and early-bird registration payment are approaching, March 15th , 2020.


The organizing committee of the 7th ISHA 2020 informs that the web site is open for registration and abstract submission. December 15th, 2019. We look forward to your participation in embracing the new challenges in the solvothermal and hydrothermal research areas for the coming decade.